Nonperformance of Cruises: Refund Policy and Instructions

If Pearl Seas Cruises LLC (“PSC”) cancels your cruise, or delays your cruise for more than 3 calendar days, and you do not accept an alternative cruise or choose not to travel on a delayed cruise, you are entitled to a refund of cruise fare and charges for accommodations, services and facilities (including port fees, taxes and other ancillary charges paid to the carrier in relation to your cruise) for the cancelled or delayed cruise. (PSC may offer you an alternative to a refund, such as a future cruise credit, which you are free to decline to receive a refund).

In order to claim such a refund, within six months after the originally scheduled embarkation, please submit a copy of the boarding pass, proof of payment (and amount), and a copy of the cancellation or delay notice by email to PSC will review the request and respond by email within 180 days of the date the claim is made.