Personalized Service

You will notice the difference the minute you board a Pearl Seas Cruises ship; our simple and easy check-in is just an introduction to the personalized service you will encounter throughout your cruise. With just 210 guests our friendly, expertly trained crew members will anticipate your requests and offer the most gracious hospitality.

Expert Crew

Our expertly trained crew is here to serve you. We will not only know you by name but will work quickly to better understand your personal preferences. We may even surprise you with your favorite snack or beverage when you return to the ship after a day of exploring.


Our team of master chefs take great pride in offering you a customized menu, featuring the finest cuisine. Each meal is crafted using locally sourced ingredients that support the small towns we visit. Our chefs will work with you to help accommodate any special dietary request you may have.


Creating memories is our specialty. If you need a cake for a birthday, champagne for an anniversary or help with any other special moments, just ask. You can even invite friends on board to join you for dinner or cocktails.


When sharing a cruise experience with others, we noticed our passengers become quick friends. With the intimate size of our vessels, it’s not uncommon that we find our guests planning their next cruise while onboard together.