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Cuba Cultural Voyage

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General Information

Departure Ports: All departure ports are located near major airports and rail systems. Please reference your pre-cruise booklet for a list of airports recommended for travel to your particular cruise departure point.

Departure Times: Cruises depart at 3:00 p.m. or earlier if all passengers have arrived. Passengers may board after 11:00 a.m.; crew members will be available to transfer luggage to the staterooms. Passengers are recommended to arrive at the ship no later than 2:00 p.m. Cruises sometimes return the evening before the last day of the cruise, and passengers may stay on board until approximately 8:00 a.m. on the last day. Breakfast is served on the last day of every cruise.

Reservations: Reservations should be made as far in advance as possible to ensure the availability of the cruise and stateroom choice.

Fare: Pearl Seas Cruises’ per person fares are shown in U.S. dollars and include passage, dining service, snacks, complimentary cocktail parties and entertainment aboard the ship. Fares do not include items of personal nature, shore tours, port charges, gratuities and transportation to and from the ship. Should the company for any reason cancel a cruise or terminate a cruise early, a prorated refund for the cancelled portion of the cruise will constitute full liquidated damages to the passengers.

Single Occupancy: One person occupying a double stateroom will be charged 150% or 175% of the double occupancy, depending on the type of stateroom occupied.

Deposits and Payments: A deposit of $500.00 per person is required to confirm any reservation on trips of 9 nights or less, and $900.00 per person on trips of 10 nights or more. Contact Pearl Seas Cruises for additional information concerning groups. Final payments are due 60 days prior to the sailing date. Reservations made within 60 days of departure date must be accompanied by full payment.

Deferred Payment: American Express, MasterCard, Visa or Discover cards are accepted for deposit and/or final payment

Customs & Immigration Inspections: Upon returning to the United States, all baggage is subject to inspection by U.S. Customs Service. Guests originating or ending their cruise in a foreign port may also be subject to inspection by local customs officials. Residents of the United States are allowed a duty-free exemption of $800 per person.

Passports & Travel Requirements: All passengers are required to have valid passports. Visas may be required for certain ports visited. Without the proper documentation, passengers may not be able to disembark in certain ports of call. Obtaining all travel documents such as passports, visas, proof of citizenship, etc., required for disembarkation at various ports of call are the responsibility of the passenger. Passengers will not be allowed to cruise without proper documentation and no refund of cruise fare will be issued to any passenger failing to bring such documentation. Passports must be valid six months after the final date of the cruise.

What to Bring: Casual sportswear is suggested for during the day. Attire should include warm weather wear as well as sweaters for an occasional cool evening. Comfortable walking shoes, a windbreaker and light rainwear are also recommended items. 110-volt household current is available in all staterooms for electric appliances.

Dining Service: Meals are served in the spacious dining salon, which accommodates all passengers at one seating. The day’s menu is announced well in advance, and takes advantage of fresh meats and seafood and in-season fruits and vegetables. Special menus are available to passengers on restricted diets. Breakfast is prepared to order on most mornings, and coffee, beverages and snacks are available 24 hours a day.

Itineraries and Sailings: Pearl Seas Cruises does not guarantee departure point, termination point or any intermediate stop. Itineraries, schedules and ships are always subject to change at any time without notice due to weather conditions, availability of docks, shoaling, ships or any other reason. The times of departure and arrival, and the points of departure and arrival, as well as intermediate stops, are subject to change.

Cancellations: Passengers may cancel cruise reservations by sending a written request for cancellation to Pearl Seas Cruises, LLC, 741 Boston Post Road, Suite 250, Guilford, CT 06437.  Requests for cancellation should be sent by certified or registered mail, return receipt requested.  Cruise Cancellation Protection is recommended and available, and allows for a refund of the cruise fare paid, up to the sailing date. For information on the Cruise Cancellation Protection Plan, contact Pearl Seas Cruises, Inc.

In the event of cancellation, the total amount paid, minus cancellation fee of $250 per passenger for any cruise 9 nights or less, and $425 per passenger for any cruise 10 nights or more, will be refunded based on the date of receipt by Pearl Seas Cruises, LLC, of the written request for cancellation, in accordance with the following schedule: (i) 91 days or more prior to departure date, 100% of amount paid less fees; (ii) more than 46 days, but less than 90 days prior to departure date, 50% of amount paid less fees; (iii) 45 days or less prior to departure date, no refund will be made.  The cancellation fee may be applied towards a future cruise with Pearl Seas Cruises, LLC, within one year of the cancellation date.  For cancellations relating to group bookings, passengers should refer to the group booking agreement for terms and conditions.

Cruise Cancellation Protection PlanPearl Seas Cruises Inc. wants you to have the best cruise ever, with nothing to think about except how much fun you are going to have.  That’s why we created the Cruise Cancellation Protection Plan, providing you with peace of mind, because, unfortunately, the unexpected does sometimes occur. Cruise Cancellation Protection Plan fees are not refundable.  For information on the Cruise Cancellation Protection Plan, contact Pearl Seas Cruises, Inc. at 800-981-9146 to request a mailed copy or click here.

Handicap-Accessible Rooms: Pearl Seas Cruises’ ships are equipped with handicap-accessible rooms. Most ships’ lounges, sun decks, and dining salons are accessible by wheelchairs and allow for talking-aid devices. The ships are also equipped with an elevator to all stateroom decks for ease of movement between decks.

Safety Features: Pearl Seas Cruises ships are equipped with the latest safety, navigating and communications systems, including defibrillators and oxygen. Most systems on the ships are equipped with backup equipment for safety and convenience.

Passenger Bill of Rights: As Members of the Cruise Lines International Association, we are dedicated to the comfort and care of all passengers on oceangoing cruises throughout the world. To fulfill this commitment, our Members have agreed to adopt the following set of passenger rights. Click here.

U.S. and Cuban Laws: Operation of the planned voyages is subject to obtaining all necessary approvals, permits and licenses from the governments of the U.S. and Cuba. All passengers must comply with U.S. and Cuban laws and regulations related to travel to Cuba.
The Office of Foreign Assets Control of the U.S. Treasury (“OFAC”) has issued a General License that incorporates prior specific licensing policy and authorizes, subject to appropriate conditions, travel-related transactions and other transactions that are directly incident to people-to-people educational activities in Cuba. Among other things, this General License authorizes, subject to appropriate conditions, persons subject to U.S. jurisdiction to engage in certain educational exchanges in Cuba under the auspices of an organization that is a person subject to U.S. jurisdiction and sponsors such exchanges to promote people-to-people contact. Additionally, an employee, paid consultant, or agent of the sponsoring organization must accompany each group traveling to Cuba to ensure the full-time schedule of educational exchange activities, and the predominant portion of the activities must not be with individuals or entities acting for or on behalf of a prohibited official of the Government of Cuba, or a prohibited member of the Cuban Communist Party, U.S. persons may qualify under other General Licenses issued by OFAC such as family visits by individuals having family in Cuba, journalists or other qualifying individuals. Unless a traveler can qualify under another license as outlined above, participation in the People to People program organized by Pearl Seas Cruises is mandatory. U.S. insurers are authorized to provide coverage for global health, life, or travel insurance policies for individuals ordinarily resident in a third country who travel to or within Cuba. Health, life, and travel insurance-related services will continue to be permitted for authorized U.S. travelers to Cuba.
Authorized U.S. travelers to Cuba will be allowed to import up to $400 worth of goods acquired in Cuba for personal use. This includes no more than $100 of alcohol or tobacco products.

Terms and Conditions of Passage: Passenger’s rights and obligations relating to all cruises are set out in the “Terms & Conditions of Passage.” By booking a cruise with Pearl Seas Cruises you agree to the Terms & Conditions of Passage, which can be found at or mailed to you upon request.