Personal Service

Simply Spectacular Service

You’ll notice the difference the moment you board a Pearl Seas Cruise ship.

Our simple and easy check-in ensures you’re enveloped in comfort from the minute you arrive. You’ll continue to be awed at our personalized service and attention to detail at every turn. With a little over 200 passengers, our friendly, expertly trained crew members can anticipate the wishes and preferences of each and every passenger, offering an outstanding level of service and gracious hospitality that is second to none.

We take our pride in our ability to fulfill any special requests our guests ┬áIf there is a certain spirit or food you would like onboard, we can pick it up during the next port stop. Also, we take your dietary restrictions seriously – just let us know what we can do to make your cruise experience extraordinary.

With our large crew always at the ready with our Pearl Seas personal service, you’ll soon find yourself wondering how you ever got along without us!

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