Located in South Central Cuba, between the mountains of the Escambray Range and the Caribbean Sea, the town of Trinidad is a well-preserved view of old world Cuba. Founded in 1514, the town is lined with cobbled streets, neoclassical buildings, and exquisite wrought iron railings. Visitors spend the day exploring art studios, a ceramics workshop and the two of the cities renowned museums.

Things To Do

Exploration of the Arts

Our tour of Trinidad presents the old city from an artist’s perspective. In the morning, we will bring you to two art studios, Casa de Yudith and Casa de Lazaro, where local artisans display their unique style. We then visit Casa del Alfarero, a pottery workshop for a demonstration of the ceramic making process. After a lunch in the city, our tour shifts to art history with visits to two museums. Discover the Museum of Colonial Architecture, which features a large collection of architectural treasures dating back to the 1600s, and Museo Romantico, which overlooks the main square and features a brilliant exhibition of porcelain, glass, and paintings.

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