Panama Canal Cruise

Panama City, PN to Cartagena, CO

8 Day / 7 Night Cruise


Set sail to one of the most marvelous examples of human ingenuity in the world, the Panama Canal.  On our journey, the history of the region unfolds as you explore these miraculous locks and the surrounding rainforest. The Pearl Mist will navigate this world-changing link between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, as we narrate the highs and lows, perseverance and sacrifice required to create this powerful work of art.


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Along with the journey through the Panama Canal, we’ll set sail for the hidden gems of Central America.  Spanish colonial-era towns, beautiful jungle paradises, and peaceful island paradises await as we visit a new port each day.  From Panama to Colombia, explore the varied towns of Central America, each with it’s own story to tell and unique experiences. Escape the crowds on the aptly named Pearl Islands.  The beauty and culture of these spectacular ports of call are yours for the taking aboard the beautiful Pearl Mist.  Offering the opportunity to discover the true vibe of our destinations, we invite you to join us each day exploring new places, trying new foods, and meeting new people.  And after a day of excitement, return to dinner and entertainment aboard the ship that night and recount your adventures. Take in Central America as it was meant to be explored on a 7-night cruise to these fantastic destinations with Pearl Seas Cruises.


Day by Day

  • Day 1
    Panama City
    Panama City

    A step into Panama’s culture and history, Panama City is the capital and largest hub of activity in the country.  Originally founded in 1519, the city was a launching point for the exploration and conquest of Peru and a hub for Spanish conquistadors.  Famous pirate Henry Morgan attacked and destroyed the city in 1671, although parts do remain in the Casco Viejo (The Old Quarter) section of the city.  Together, we’ll tour Casco Viejo before returning to the ship for lunch.  In the afternoon, feel free to explore the city yourself or join us for a second group excursion.

  • Day 2
    Las Perlas Archipelago
    Las Perlas Archipelago

    Explore both the big and small of the Pearl Islands as we harbor hop to our favorites aboard the Pearl Mist.  A group of over 200 islands, most of these islands are tiny and uninhabited except for a few.  Enjoy an afternoon on Contadora Island, notable for it’s role as a hub for Spanish conquistadors and pirates, where you’ll learn about some of Panama’s swashbuckling history.  We also sail to Isla Del Rey, Spanish for “Island of the King”, the largest of the Pearl Islands at 234 km.  Isla Del Rey is home to several beachfront towns, notably San Miguel with it’s shops and novelty stores. We’ll also sail to some of the most beautiful of the unihabited Pearl Islands characterized by  tall coconut trees, large reefs, and white sandy beaches.  The majesty of the Pearl Islands is second only to the splendor of the appropriately named Pearl Mist herself.

  • Day 3
    Panama Canal
    Panama Canal

    Set sail to one of the most marvelous example of human ingenuity in the world.  A towering structure of advanced engineering, the history of the Panama Canal unfolds in the natural beauty of the tropical rainforests. The Pearl Mist will navigate this world-changing link between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, as we narrate the highs and lows, perseverance and sacrifice required to create this powerful work of civilization.  This 50 mile journey through the famous locks is an amazing experience not to be missed.  On the first day of our Northbound Canal transit, we’ll enter through the massive Miraflores Locks, west of Panama City.  The Miraflores Locks raise northbound ships 85 feet (29.5 meters) from Caribbean waters into the Galliard Cut.  We’ll then travel up the Pedro Miguel Locks, under the Centennial Bridge, and past the Charges River into the beautiful Gatun Lake. The Pearl Mist will dock in Gatún Lake where we will disembark to view the lock’s inner workings and the new lock expansion.

  • Day 4
    Panama Canal (Day 2)
    Panama Canal (Day 2)

    On the second day of our Northbound Canal Transit, we’ll weigh anchor and continue sailing across Gatun Lake, which was the largest man-made lake in the world when it was built.  Soon, we’ll come upon the enormous Gatun Locks, lowering Northbound ships 85 feet (29.5 meters) into the Limon Bay.  Traveling through the locks is a fascinating experience, as the triple chambers of the Gatun Locks drain of water using hydraulics built 100 years ago.  The Pearl Mist will continue through Limon Bay towards Colon, where you’ll get to see how the Gatun Locks work from above after traveling through them..

  • Day 5
    Colon, Panama
    Colon, Panama

    Colon is the second largest city in Panama and rests along the Caribbean end of the Panama Canal. Guests will get up close and personal with a visit to the Gatún Locks, the biggest locks in the Panama Canal.  A true feat in engineering history, guests will see the lock in action as it allows ships to pass through the Panama Canal.  Colón’s greatest claim to fame is the Colón Free Zone, a massive shopping showroom where wholesalers, retailers and the general public shop. Our cruise port, Colón 2000, is an impressive welcome with restaurants, a supermarket, and shops selling duty-free merchandise.

  • Day 6
    San Blas Island, Panama
    San Blas Island, Panama

    Revel in the quiet lifestyle, culture, and pristine natural scenery of this secluded island chain.  The San Blas Islands are actually an archipelago of over 300 islands. For a truly immersive step into island culture, you’ll have the opportunity to meet the indigineous people of the islands, the Kuna.  A self-governing group, the Kuna are well known as a friendly and welcoming people.  The Kuna have a deep-seated history in trade, and meeting the people will give you the opportunity to see expertly-crafted clothing and textile art found nowhere else.

  • Day 7
    Colonial Cartagena
    Colonial Cartagena

    An old-world center for commerce for the Spanish empire, Cartagena combines the friendliness of a Caribbean seaside city with the atmosphere of Old-world Spain. Cartagena’s rich history tells the story of a city that played a key role in the expansion of the Spanish Empire, with exciting battles between privateers and pirates leading to the creation of walls and fortresses that still stand today. With the colonial walled city and fortress named a UNESCO Heritage Site in 1984, the city has hundreds of examples of preserved Spanish architecture. Presently, Cartagena is known as a shining illustration of a beautiful seaside city, with gorgeous ports and cobblestone streets lined by numerous outdoor cafes.

Ships & Rates

Small Ship Cruising

Small Ship Cruising Developed to PerfectionPearl Mist silo

Small ship cruising is the pursuit of the exceptional. The stunning, new Pearl Mist offers the ultimate cruise experience with just 100 over-sized, luxurious staterooms, all with private balconies. Let our attentive crew cater to your wishes and world-class chefs create culinary delights with a local flavor. Visit the most exciting destinations in the world in perfect comfort with Pearl Seas Cruises.

Points of Distinction

  • Spacious, Luxurious Staterooms – ALL with Private Balconies
  • Magnificent Open-Seating Dining Room with Panoramic View
  • Exceptional Traditional and Regional Cuisine Prepared by Acclaimed Chefs
  • Six Onboard Lounges, Library and Lecture Room
  • Elevator Access to All Decks & Onboard Medical Services
  • Flat Screen Satellite TVs, DVD players, and Wi-Fi throughout the ship
Rates (per passenger)
  • Pearl Mist Deck Plan - Call a Cruise Specialist for detail information about stateroom availability.
Ship Specifications

When building the Pearl Mist, we designed her from the ground up to achieve the perfect combination of comfort, safety, and elegance.  We comfortably carry only 210 passengers in rooms ranging from 300-580 square feet, while boasting 6 lounges and spacious dining room.  For full specifications, see the details below:

Length (ft/m): 335 ft
Beam (ft/m): 56 ft
Draft (ft/m):
 12 ft

Number of Decks: 6
Passenger Capacity: 210
Number of Staterooms: 108

Size Range of Staterooms: 300 to 580 sq. ft

Ship Registry: Republic of the Marshall Islands

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